1. Can I add/remove length to a lanyard?

Yes, of course! Just leave me a note at checkout and I'd be happy to add (or remove) some length. Please just let me know the length you'd like to have from the back of your neck to where you would like the tassel to end. Standard length is between 20-21".

2. Can I ship an order to more than one address?

No. Please separate your items into separate orders so that there is one address per order. 

3. What if I entered the wrong shipping address?

PLEASE message me ASAP if you notice that you've entered the wrong shipping address. If your package has not been sent yet, I can easily change that in the computer for you. If your order HAS already been sent, you have two options: 1. Wait to see if the unintended recipient sends back the package. If they do, I can forward it to you. You'll just need to pay an additional shipping fee to cover the costs of shipping it out to the corrected address. 2. Place a new order. Unfortunately I will not be able to refund your first order as it was sent out as ordered.

4. What should I do if the tracking on my package shows it as 'delivered' but I have not received it?

First, please thoroughly check around your door (on the porch, in the bushes, etc.). If you have a ring camera, I recommend checking that footage (this may also help you see if you've been the victim of mail theft). If you get your mail from a kiosk, your carrier may have accidentally put it in the wrong box. In this case you will need to contact your local post office to have them check it. In other cases, sometimes a package will be marked as delivered even though it actually has not. In this case, I recommend giving your package a couple more days to arrive. The tracking information that you're able to look up is the same information that I have access to as well. If you think your package may be lost, please file an inquiry with USPS here: https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm

5. What if I need my package by a certain date?

Please send me a message prior to ordering so that I can make sure that I'll be able to meet your request. I will absolutely do my best to get your order out in time. If I'm for some reason unable to, I will send you a message to update you on the status of your order. If you need a package quickly, I also recommend upgrading to priority shipping. Though this will not speed up the order processing time, it will help your package move more quickly through the USPS system once shipped.

6. Can I make changes to or cancel my order?

I totally understand that sometimes you may change your mind about an order. My shop policy is that all cancellations must be communicated within the first 24 hrs (though I may be able to make exceptions to this rule if I have not yet started production on your order). The same goes with making changes to your order - please communicate those requests to me ASAP and I will try my best to honor them, but if I've already started production it's unlikely that I will be able to.

7. Can I get my name engraved on both sides of my name charm?

Items that are eligible for double-sided engraving will have a dropdown option on the listing so that you may select single or double-sided engraving. If you do not see a dropdown on the listing, the item is likely unable to be engraved on both sides.

8. I've purchased from you on Etsy before, can I get rewards points for those purchases?

Unfortunately, only orders placed through my website are eligible for rewards points.