All about Rainbow paLETTE dESIGN

Hi! My name is Melinda and I'm the owner of Rainbow Palette Design!
For six amazing years I worked as an elementary art teacher (@artwithmrsnguyen), but eventually decided to take some time off to stay home with my three amazing kiddos. During that time, I started painting beads to create necklaces for myself as a fun hobby, but after getting a lot of interest from fellow art teachers, I decided to open up shop! Those hand painted necklaces eventually turned into lanyards, which then evolved into the business I specialize in today - personalized engraved acrylic lanyards!
Though I never originally intended this to become my full time job when I first started out, I couldn't be more happy to be in the position that I am today. I get to spend each day creating colorful sparkly creations, to bring a little sunshine into the lives of hardworking teachers! I absolutely love what I do and hope that it shows in every piece that I make! :)