I want a lanyard - where do I start?

 Alright, I totally get it... there are a LOT of items to choose from on this website.

Here you are just looking for a nice new lanyard and 'BAM!' - I hit you in the face with like 1,000,000 options. It is overwhelming - I TOTALLY get it.

So on this page I'm going to break the choices down for you and point you in the right direction. :)

Below is a list of menu options ordered from least customizable to most.

  1. Silicone Lanyards - Rainbow Palette Originals
    Let's start off nice and easy.. this collection is filled with my original silicone lanyard designs. While many of these lanyards still have multiple color options, you're not having to hand select bead colors - I've already paired them for you. The only real decision to make here is whether you'd like to add a personalized lanyard charm or not.
  2. Silicone Lanyards - Customizable Colors
    Love what you're seeing, but want to make a few color changes? These silicone lanyard designs are based on existing bead patterns that I've used on other lanyards in my shop - you just need to pick out which colors you'd like! These lanyards also have the option of adding a personalized lanyard charm.
  3. Just Customize & Personalize - Charm-Integrated Designs
    Want to customize some of your bead colors and get a lanyard with a fully integrated acrylic or wood engraved charm? This one's for you! This collection of lanyards contains many of my best-selling acrylic/wood round lanyards found on Etsy. The general design (bead shape and acrylic type) is already picked out, you just need to pick your colors and make a few choices for your acrylic/wood round charm.
  4. Design Your Own Lanyard - From a Template
    This collection of lanyards gives you a bit more flexibility in regards to color and design choices, while also providing you with a template to work off of. These designs allow you to select which type of acrylic or wood charm you'd like, swivel clasp colors, bead colors and types, and more.
  5. Design Your Own Lanyard - Start from Scratch
    Want to see ALLLLLLLL your options? Have hours to spend wading through like a gagillion bead and acrylic choices? In this collection you can choose to design your very own silicone/acrylic beaded lanyard (with or without a lanyard charm) or your very own charm-integrated design.